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About us:

The company group Kinglet is a business with an 20-year-long history. It has been the leading manufacturer of packaging for modern retail trade since its foundation.

Our production is located on our in-house sites (measuring around 7000 sq. m.). The production output exceeds 50 million items of packaging of various types.

Our clients are some of the largest chains and hypermarkets of Belarus, Russia, and the Baltic states.

The product line includes any package type used in retail: t-shirt bags, roll bags, trash bags, reusable bags, wraps, paper bags, eco-friendly tableware.

Our main course of development is the production of ecologically safe packaging: organic and made from recycled materials.

Our Principles


We care about our planet’s future. This is why we use organic stock and biotechnology that fully satisfy the ecological demands of society.


We are focused on our customers and do not let a standard offer be our limit. We work alongside our partners to scrutinize the details of a project and provide the required type of packaging. Kinglet stands for thought-out solutions to every problem.


We actively implement the most cutting-edge technologies into our working process to increase productivity and economic efficiency. We fulfill complex technical tasks by creating a unique decision in the world of packaging.

Our history


The foreign private unitary manufacturing and commercial enterprise Plastil was registered by Vilano Limited Co. in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.


As of 2001:


  • 20 full time employees;
  • 600 sq. m. of operating area;
  • production output of 40 tons per month.

Contracts for the supply of products were signed with the first hypermarkets in the Republic of Belarus (BIGZZ, ProStore, Gippo).


In 2006, the following developments were made:


  • Recyclables reclamation line.
  • New equipment: 4 additional extruders.

The company was moved to Logoisk.


ZAO BellaPack, a private limited company under the Belarusian legislation, was founded and registered on November 27, 2011.


As of 2011:


  • There were 70 full time workers.
  • Operating areas amounted to 2500 sq. m.
  • Monthly production output amounted to 200 tones.
  • The number of engineering tools in the mainline technological process increased to 25.
  • The production was being realized in Belarusian retail stores and chains.

OOO LogoPolimer (a limited liability company) was founded. Registered on April 8, 2016, it started its operations on June 16, 2016.


OOO LogoPolimer (a limited liability company) was founded. Registered on April 8, 2016, it started its operations on June 16, 2016.


As of 2016:


  • 107 employees;
  • 6000 sq. m. of operating areas;
  • monthly production output of 400 tons;
  • production composed of sectors: extrusion, printing, thermal sealing, recycling.

A Belarusian-Italian joint venture was formed.


A 3-layer line manufacturing multilayer films was installed and put into service. It allowed producing new types of films: pallet wrap, heat-shrink film, LDPE t-shirt bags, etc.


A contract for the supply of products was signed with a large Russian chain Lenta.


For its performance in 2018, OOO LogoPolimer was recognized as the best production enterprise in the Logoisk region.


In 2018, the company:


  • acquired the equipment necessary to produce eco-friendly bags;
  • obtained new equipment and opened its own laboratory, which made the output of faulty production minimal;
  • started operating according to the ISO 9001:2015 “Quality management systems” International standard;
  • reached the monthly production output of 550 tones.

Today, LogoPolimer and BellaPack are the largest manufacturer of biodegradable and polyethylene bags in Belarus:


  • 45 units of technological equipment involved in the working cycle.
  • Total area of the industrial, storage, and office premises is 7000 sq. m.
  • 151 employees on the team.
  • Production capacity of 550 tons per month.





Our mission

Kinglet makes such important factors as reliability, practicality, eco-friendliness, ease of use, and affordable prices the top priority in making its products.
Daily, we prove that one cannot rely only on the traditional operating methods in bag manufacturing. Instead, one has to always keep the future in mind and take responsibility for the environment.