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Every year, Kinglet invests considerable funds into the innovations aimed at solving new tasks posed by markets. This process makes the constant development of our company possible and adapts it to the most current trends. The goals of our innovations include new processes, commercial strategies, and products.

Our technologies allow producing multi- and single-layer films from biopolymers, recycled polymers, and polyethylene.

Our innovative program #ПЕРЕХОЖУНАКУКУРУЗНЫЙ (moving to corn-based bags) made Kinglet the leading company in biodegradable and compostable package production in the CIS. #ЭкоТорба (eco tote bag) became the first bag made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

Our long experience allowed our company to be acknowledged as the leader of the industry. Its modern fleet of high-tech equipment satisfies all the manufacturing requirements presented by bags of different shapes and types.

A wide-aspect eight-colour flexographic press with a central drum and several wide-aspect six-colour presses of the Italian manufacturer MANZONI are installed in our printing area to ensure high quality of printing. Our production departments constantly work on developing custom solutions for our clients.

The production laboratory is fitted with modern testing equipment that allows us to keep a close watch on the quality of our goods in an efficient manner. It improves our industrial process and lets us implement advanced solutions to satisfy even the most exacting customers as well as the community demand for solving ecological and economic problems.