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Экологичное производство пакетов из кукурузы в Беларуси!

Eco-friendly package made out of corn in Belarus!

12 July 2019

In 2019, the manufacturing of biodegradable package out of corn stock started in Logoysk. The purpose of this new product is to become an alternative to highly popular and indispensable t-shirt plastic bags.

Many Belarusians have been outspoken for years about their desire to help the environment by sorting their garbage for recycling, renouncing the use of polluting packaging, and so on.

When they get into a domestic wastes landfill, corn-based bags take just one year to degrade into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide. This paints a stark contrast with common petroleum-based plastic bags that take up to one thousand years to degrade.

The production of corn-based bags is several times as expensive as the production of plastic ones, which makes their price higher as well. The manufacturer, however, is certain that it will not be an obstacle for the people who take the ecological situation seriously.

Today, bags made of corn can be bought in many stores. For example, in the TsUM of Minsk, your purchase will be packaged in such a bag. You can also find them at the registers in the supermarkets of the Green and Korona chains.